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Community Supported Agriculture CSA

Gifts of Love and Community Farm of Simsbury are very happy to announce our 2017 CSA Program!   Our Farm Manager, Farmer Jen cultivates heirloom produce using certified organic farming practices - no chemicals, no GMOs, only fresh, healthy vegetables.   We strive to deliver produce more unique and flavorful than anything you will find in a grocery store.  All of our produce is certified organic.

All proceeds from the CSA are used to support the Gifts of Love and Community Farm of Simsbury programs.  Gifts of Love merged with Community Farm of Simsbury in December, 2013 forming Farm to Family. The mission of Farm to Family is to provide assistance to working individuals and families experiencing a temporary financial crisis so they can achieve or maintain self-sufficiency.  We accomplish this by providing basic needs through the Gifts of Love program - food, clothing, furniture, household items, heating assistance – and offering life-skill educational programs.  Through the Community Farm of Simsbury’s farm-based educational programs we educate the community about food systems, hunger, sustainable farming, sound nutritional choices and healthy lifestyles.

What is Community Supported Agriculture? Our subscription program, also known as community supported agriculture (CSA), creates a relationship of mutual support and commitment between the farmer and the community. Your annual fee helps cover the production costs of the farm; in exchange you receive a share of the organic harvest coming from the garden each week. CSA programs, which are growing nationwide, help deepen interest and support for organic farming and eating locally grown food.

Mission: Our mission is to provide our customers with fresh, certified organic, locally-grown produce. We want to help deepen the connection between our customers, the food they eat, and the ground in which it grows. We want people of all ages to learn-through a personal connection with the farm and farmer-how their food arrives at the table. We believe that seeing the ground where their produce comes from encourages people to be thoughtful stewards of their environment. We appreciate the support from our community. Our goal is to make our CSA a great experience for all of our members.

By subscribing to the Community Farm of Simsbury CSA program, you will:

 * Build a personal connection with your food, the land on which it was produced, and the farmers who planted and picked it.

 * Enjoy delicious, nutritious produce grown without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

 * Help maintain productive Farmington River Valley farmland as open space.

 * Know your food dollars support a local farmer rather than pay for long-distance shipping, packaging, and refrigeration.

SHARES: Your share will extend over a 20-week period, June 15-October 26. Each share will generally feed a family of four with average eating habits.  For those with vegetable based diets, please consider extra shares.   Produce can range from refreshing leafy greens to the most interesting and tasty tomatoes one could imagine.  Typical weekly shares will include 8-10 items and weigh approximately 8-10 lbs. 

Pick-up is weekly at the Farm, 73 Wolcott Road, Simsbury where you will choose the produce you want from the harvest that week market style. Each week you will have a variety of fresh picked vegetables available to you. Prior to your pick-up we will email you our newsletter letting you know what has been harvested and providing recipes. If you can't use all of your produce that week or need to skip a week, you can donate your share to the Gifts of Love food pantry or Simsbury Social Services Food Closet. If you would rather pick up a pre-packed CSA bag at Gifts of Love in Avon, that option is available. 

INFORMATION: In order to bring the bounty of our farm directly to your table, we are making farm shares available for purchase. A farm share guarantees a weekly delivery of the best our farm has to offer throughout the growing season. Our shares may include some vegetables you’ve never tried before, as part of the CSA Program we will provide a monthly email including vegetable information and recipes.  

WHAT TO EXPECT: Standard share (feeds 2-3 people)

  • Salad mix, ½ lb bag
  • Cucumbers, 2-3
  • Arugula mix, ½ lb bag
  • Summer squash, 2-3
  • Scallions, 2 bunch
  • Beet, 1 lb bunch
  • Carrots, 1 lb bunch
  • Kale, ½ lb bunch
  • Green beans, 1 lb bag
  • Broccoli, 1 lb head

Additional product throughout the season may include, but is not limited to: Brussels Sprouts; Cabbage; Cauliflower; Celery; Chard; Culinary herbs; Fennel; Kohlrabi; Leeks; Lettuce, head; Mustard; Peas; Onions, storage; Parsnips; Peppers; Potatoes; Radishes; Rutabaga; Spinach; Sorrell; Squash, summer & winter; Tomatoes; Turnips

Share Cost: $600 for a full share or $300 for a half share

Questions? Email Jenn at jdjambazov@giftsoflovect.org

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